Make a world

Artists capture “a world.” Not only what is visible, but what exists inside of you which isn’t the outside, what exists external of you, gaps or trivial disharmony between internal and external of you.  A landscape in your mind.  With the urge to reveal it or to get rid of what is uncomfortable, you investigate the foggy sense and make it clear, and give it a shape.  You imagine it and manage to find it out.  With effort you discover a clue of something that there isn’t there.  With full of your imagination you reach there and achieve it.  Thousands of times you choose every moment to connect ahead.  That's how you make a world.

1 - 8 April, 2012
  Opening Reception 31 March 2012 17:00-
  1000yen (1 drink & food)

nitehi works
  3-47-1 Wakaba-cho Naka-ku Yokohama, Japan
  TEL +81 45 334 7446
  Open 18:00 [Sat/Sun 15:00]  
  Close 22:00 [Fri/Sat 23:00]
  Admission free

Gaku Tsutaja, Toshiaki Tomita, Kazuya Nakayama

Curator / Organizer
Eri Otomo



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